Photo 20 Apr Beagle at the top of the stairs

Beagle at the top of the stairs

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Photo 19 Apr Area 51. 

Area 51. 

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spend your days with the one who embodies wisdom and lends you guidance. give your saturdays to hand holding and your sundays to grace. learn to do it together. learn to be together in silence. learn that simply because you were left before, does not mean that you will be now. be kind, and be raw, and be grateful. this is a friendship, and this is your best friendship. you’ll know because you’ll have that nearly crying tight throat, nose tingling feeling, but it will be from pure pride and joy. say I miss you when you’re not here, and I love you all the time, but also that in the midst of the weeks in between, you are a better person for the hours spent with them. this was my weekend, and I am blessed.
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Photo 4 Apr 3 notes Here in my truck

Here in my truck

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Out of Africa (1985)

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If you let people into your life a little bit, they can be pretty damn amazing.
— Sherman Alexie (via spectroscopicbrushstrokes)
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Keystone Colorado

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